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Who is Preston Losack?

Originally from Dallas, Texas, I graduated high school and got sent off to University to become an orchestra conductor — beginning one of many career ventures that met a dead end.

After leaving two music schools and settling on an odd life choice, I graduated from Saint Joseph Seminary College…

“Wild Cry”

Dogs down here in East Texas get restless at sundown. You have to let them out at night. They won’t stay inside. You don’t want them inside.

Every twenty years or so, the devil comes for his due. It’s time to cut pines. Big machines With saw blades, backhoes, logging…

I’m not not-writing, I’m just resting

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but suffice it to say: I’m not dormant or in a dry spell. I’ve just written some great things lately, and I’ve submitted them for publication. Stay tuned!

“Rich man” to the tune of ‘I’m a good ol rebel”

Rich man owns big houses

Rich man owns new cars

Rich man owns a bunch o’ guns

Rich man owns the bars

Rich man owns the judges

And owns the paper too

Give him all your money

And if you don’t he’ll sue.


Rich man got a big boat

“From the Ragged to the Rich” (a poetic rant)

I wanted to bring him success for the building of a product that was good.
After all, it was him who said Yes or said No, with his money on the line —
As was his right!
(He’s the owner)

But he squandered it all for the money or power…

Just because it rhymes doesn’t make it good verse

Compose aloud: poetry is a sound. Never explain- your reader is as smart as you. Your reader is not just any reader, but is the rare one with ears in his head. —Basil Bunting

Let’s talk prosody, the study of meter and sound of poetry. Generally speaking (very generally), a…

In this article, I’ll share the folk song I wrote and some tips from what I found along the way

So, I’ve got the poetry-writing thing down, and with a little dabbling in horror, I’ve got the tragedy thing down. So I wanted to write a folk song — one of those tragic, ‘Tiny Sparrow’ types. I’ll start by sharing some tips based on my experiment, then share it. If…


Writer, painter, fencing coach, and amateur banjo player. Ask me anything about poetry writing and philosophy — always love to think I might be some help.

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